What is Franchising from a Franchisee’s Perspective?

explanation of the franchise business model

Contrary to popular belief, franchising is not the process of acquiring the entire franchise for your personal use. Instead, it is a legal agreement between you (the franchisee) and a franchisor to run a local “share” of their business under their brand name. In exchange for your initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties, you gain unlimited access to a fully developed business system and have the right to use their trademark and sell their products or services. You also receive ongoing support in terms of training, marketing, and management.

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Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog

business blog traffic

You’ve done the smart thing and put yourself and your business on the Internet. Good job! But, of course, that’s just the beginning. To gain revenue, you need more visits, and to get more visits, you need something to attract the reader’s attention. How to Define Your Niche First things first – find out which…

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