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Start a Successful Oven Valeting Franchise Partnership - Get Guaranteed Customers

Fantastic Cleaners follows a proven business model.

By joining Fantastic Cleaners* you:

  • Set the terms yourself - the franchise agreement will be made to suit your needs;
  • Easily manage your work online - navigate through your appointments by using our app;
  • Operate within the area you prefer - we will assign you the clients in the areas you want to cover;
  • Have the support of experts in Business Development, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting;
  • Manage your own thriving business without any per leads costs;
  • Establish yourself as a true professional with Fantastic Services - get on board and let’s improve and grow;
  • Start things off easily even if you lack certain skills and professional experience - you will get the complete initial training to achieve the Fantastic Services Standard, and expand your clientele;
  • Never run out of customers - you can focus on providing oven and kitchen cleaning services while we’ll make sure that you always have customers;

*Fantastic Cleaners is part of Fantastic Services specializing in professional oven and kitchen cleaning services since 2009.

Your Kitchen Cleaning Franchise Can Deliver Many Profitable Services

In recent years, the professional oven cleaning market in the UK has seen a significant growth. Today, it’s a multi-billion pound industry and specialists predict it will continue to grow. And now you have the unique opportunity to join an already well-established brand. Here are the services that are in demand and you’ll be providing once you join:
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning
  • Range Cookers Cleaning
  • Deep Kitchen Cleaning
  • Kitchen Appliances Cleaning
  • BBQ & Grill Cleaning
  • Hob & Extractor Cleaning
  • Fridge Cleaning

To Start Your Oven Franchise Business You Need

  • To be legally able to work in the UK;
  • Show commitment, reliability, and honesty;
  • A positive attitude and exceptional manners;
  • To have the mandatory public liability insurance (we can assist you with this);
  • Professional equipment consisting of specialised oven cleaning detergents and a dip tank (we can provide you with those at preferential rates);
  • A clean driving licence and your own vehicle

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is previous experience necessary to start a franchise with Fantastic Services?

    No, it’s not necessary. We will assist you with starting your own oven cleaning business. All you really need is dedication and in-depth understanding of customer service. By going through our professional training, you will get everything necessary to become a successful Fantastic Services Franchise partner. And you can always rely on us to get you customers.

  • What do I need to start with?

    For starters, you will need specialised equipment (depending on the service you will be providing) and a suitable vehicle. Also, clean driving licence, mandatory insurance, and company registration. In order to perform, say, professional oven cleaning, a dip tank and some specialised detergents will be required. So contact us today and let’s discuss the matters of the service that you’ll provide. Also, you can count on Fantastic Services HR specialists to assist you, as well as get help on registering your company and getting the necessary insurance.

  • What other franchises can I choose from?

    You can specialise and become a business partner in:

About our franchise company

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About Fantastic Cleaners - part of Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services is a leading provider of professional cleaning and home improvement services in the UK. Currently, the company has clientele basis of hundreds of thousands and it is in franchise business relations with over 300 partners. Professional oven and kitchen cleaning is only one of the many specialised services that the company offers. Through integrated CRM systems and franchisee engagement, and staying true to its “360 Degree Happiness” philosophy, Fantastic Services continues to provide simple solutions and makes positive industry changes for clients and business partners alike.

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