Fantastic Services

Making life simpler with our 360° happiness philosophy – providing high-quality services for both customers and franchise partners.

Fantastic for a number of reasons


15 000+ clientseach month

Our vision is to have our customers love what we do and enjoy being part of our family.


300+ active franchisees

And 1200+ fantastic experts offering 25+ professional home cleaning and maintenance services, available within London, Manchester, and Liverpool.


40 000+ services each month

Our Fantastic Philosophy revolves around the simple idea of delivering a great service experience for all customers and Fantastic crews.


About The Company

Fantastic Services started as a small company called Fantastic Cleaners, established in London back in 2009. In the beginning, there were only 2 staff members. Today we work with more than 300 successful franchise partners, providing more than 25 professional home and maintenance services In the UK, the US, and Australia.

We are a people-driven company with a unique business model centered on mutual success. By using our latest technologies and custom systems, we aim to constantly improve our work process, making it easier for both clients and franchisees.

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The Fantastic behind the scenes - Teams of Superheroes

Our super forces are divided into the following 6 dedicated departments, working hard every day from offices around the world:

  • Marketing department – Extending the brand awareness and attracting new clients, using an extensive set of offline and online, external and internal marketing campaigns, to project the company goals and values to consumers.
  • Customer care and support – Assisting and caring for the customers on behalf of our franchisees, so they can focus on the business at hand.
  • Accounting and Finance management department – Providing assistance and advice in the tracking of earnings and cost management.
  • Dedicated Franchise Consultants and Business Development team – Providing constant ongoing training and assistance with the business planning and future franchisee development.
  • Procurement team – Assistance with branding and supplies, making sure our franchisees’ professionals are always equipped with the best equipment for the job.
  • IT department – Providing easy, accessible and unhindered solutions for satisfying all technology and system needs of the business as well as improving the user experience for our customers.
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Meet our dedicated franchise hero team

OUR TEAM – We dedicate our efforts to make it easy for you to seek assistance from our experienced team of franchise consultants. You can contact us online or via the phone, while running your business on the go, or reach out to us by sending your query at a time that is convenient for you. So, whether you require a prompt response, related to a financial matter, an accounting issue or a business development query, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the support your franchise business needs.

What makes us different

Unlike other typical franchises on the market, Fantastic Services stands out with the following advantages:

  • Full London, Manchester, and Liverpool coverage – You make the decisions where you would like to start and to further expand your business.
  • No cost per lead – Run your franchise business free from monthly or per lead fees.
  • Flexible contract terms to suit your business needs – You decide how many days or jobs you would like to take.
  • Guaranteed customers – Unlike other franchises that have no client database, our database of over 300,000+ households in the UK allows us to secure jobs for you.
  • A custom built CRM system and application that allows you to track your business – earnings, clients, jobs, and satisfaction rate.

Our Fantastic Family Tree

Have a closer look at our family’s 7 notable brands, developed with love and a mission to provide a top-quality service

  • Fantastic Cleaners Pro

    Fantastic Services embarked on its wonderful journey to success in 2009, starting out with the Fantastic Cleaners brand. Our objective was to create a productive network of franchising partnerships and deliver a service of excellence in the cleaning industry field. Since then, we have expanded remarkably our family of franchisees and achieved a winning model of collaboration. Visit Fantastic Cleaner's website

  • Fantastic Gardeners Pro

    We boast a growing base of clients who count on Fantastic Gardeners for the professional maintenance of their outdoor recreational space. Furthermore, a crew of experienced landscape gardening franchisees apply their creativity and skills in complex garden design projects, which translate into transformed green exteriors and a high level of customer satisfaction. Visit Fantastic Gardener's website

  • Fantastic Removals Pro

    Fantastic Removals works in partnership with a strong team of conscientious and trusted removalists who render their assistance during times of relocation. Our customers enjoy a hassle-free service that results in a smooth move to their new address with a minimum distress and an utmost efficiency. Visit Fantastic Removal's website

  • Fantastic Handyman Pro

    You can confidently entrust your property maintenance needs with Fantastic Handyman. Behind the brand stand proudly a crew of successful handyman franchisees who boast a set of versatile skills, experience and dedication. Their mission is to provide an outstanding service in the home improvement industry and in the property refurbishment sector. Visit Fantastic Handyman's website

  • Fantastic Pest Control Pro

    Since 2013, Londoners and clients throughout the UK rely on the expertise of our partners from Fantastic Pest Control. When their properties suffer from a sudden and hazardous pest invasion, they are a call away from timely help. The pest exterminators know their vermin and are not shy to showcase their skills and experience, in order to eradicate any rodent or insect infestation. Visit Fantastic Pest Control's website

Ready to become a member of our family?

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