9 Tips for a Successful Development – Rune Returns to BBB

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As someone who’s developed a £32 million turnover business from nothing in less than nine years, Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl is often asked to provide advice for entrepreneurs. The latest publication to receive some of the pearls of wisdom he earned during the building of Fantastic Services is Business Business Business magazine,…

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What Are You Thankful for This Christmas?


Christmas is traditionally a time of reflection on events which have happened in the past year. In particular, it’s customary to say what you’ve been thankful for in the past 365 days – even if that thing is something small or simple. But what might you be thankful for this Christmas if you’re an entrepreneur?…

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​How to Start Your Franchise Business in 6 Steps – Rune in BBB

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Business Business Business is a website which publishes articles and other informative pieces written by business leaders with the aim of educating other business owners and would-be entrepreneurs.

To this end, the team at BBB recently sat down with Fantastic Services SEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl to ask him how he and business partner Anton Skarlatov turned a start-up business into a £32 million turnover a year enterprise.

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Entrepreneurs Tips on Authority Positioning

Being viewed as an authority is a great way to gain brand recognition – and to boost your prestige both as an entrepreneur and as a business. So what should you do in order position yourself as an authority in your field? CEO Blog Nation sat down with 20 entrepreneurs and business leaders and asked them…

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Why Start a Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

Have you ever dreamt of being your own boss? Of setting your own hours and keeping the profits of your labour? If yes, you are one of the many entrepreneurs on the cusp of building the life and career you have always wanted. However, many of us shy away from such dreams as there are many risks involved with starting your own business and building it from the ground up.

A popular choice among first-time business owners is to start a commercial cleaning company. The initial set up costs are much lower than other business types and it is relatively easy to find qualified employees. As mentioned above, there are risks associated with every new business endeavour so don’t start buying rubber gloves in bulk just yet.

One of the biggest risks of starting a cleaning company is, you may find it difficult to gain and retain clients while remaining competitive in a sector flooded with similar small companies. There are a couple of ways to offset this risk. The first is to engage in an aggressive and expensive advertising campaign while the other is to buy an existing franchise.

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