How to Create a Business Card?

how to create a business card

Why Should You Have a Business Card?

In this highly digitalised age, business cards are still assuming their rightful place on the desks of many small businesses and large corporations. Stylish-looking and informative, these little pieces of paper allow you to communicate with your prospective clients on a personal level that no virtual tool or service in existence has ever been able to emulate.

To this end, it’s important to come up with a business card that gives your customers all the useful information they need at a simple glance, while also helping you stand out from your competition. In order to learn how to create a business card that makes a great first impression, you will have to focus on two important criteria – content and design.

What Should Your Business Card Say?

The standard business card size is 3.5″ x 2″, so you will need to make the most of your limited space. The first thing you should do is think of a company logo that your clients can instantly recognise. Stick to a simple and clean design and avoid using gigantic fonts as you will have to leave enough space for the gist of every business card – the contact information.

> Steal Their Attention with a Good Tagline

Next comes the memorable tagline. This part of your business card can get a bit tricky since you will have to explain what you or your company does in just a few words. Thus, it’s very simple to fall into the common trap of writing a generic description, such as “Real estate agency” or “Wedding photographer”. Try to think of a sentence that is more personal and less dry, for instance “Find your lifestyle a homely match” or “Capture the full beauty of your wedding day”.

> Include Useful Contact Information

Now that you have your logo and tagline figured out, you should include some ways in which your customers can reach out to you. This is where the generic descriptions from earlier really come in handy. Use a name variation that you prefer the most, then add your job title in its simplest form, for instance “Sound Engineer” or “Copywriter”. If absolutely necessary, you can also include your position in the company, e.g. “Co-founder”, “CEO”, “President”, and so on.

So far, your customers have a reason to contact you, but don’t have the means to do so. Avoid using your personal phone number or gmail account as this will make you look unprofessional. Instead, give them your dedicated business number & email, a link to a welcoming page on your website (generic home page links are not recommended), and include social profiles that you are most active on, for example facebook, twitter, or instagram. Mention your physical address only if it is useful to your clients, for instance if you run a local store or a beauty salon.      

business card basic design

How Should Your Business Card Look?

A well-written text may rivet your client’s attention, but it is the shiny exterior that will make them read it in the first place. With so many cheap (and poorly made) business cards out there, it is not that hard to stand out as long as you have a clear direction. For starters, try to view your card design with the eyes of your customer and see if you find it too cluttered. If that’s the case, create a breathing room for your copy by leaving lots of empty (“white”) space in between.

Here are a few extra tips on how to design a business card that does your company justice:

  • Use fonts and colours that complement each other and do not cause confusion;
  • Always position your text at least 5mm away from the trim edge for best results;
  • The back side is best kept blank. Alternatively, you may add your logo or tagline there;
  • Use special finishes, such as stop-UV or metallic inks, for an eye-catching effect;
  • Determine if the image you will use will bleed (i.e. run off the edge of your design) or not, then choose a suitable template to neatly cut your business cards along the edges.


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