My Entrepreneur Asks How to Lift Your Business

How to Lift Your Business

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My Entrepreneur Magazine – the online resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders – wants to know how to lift your business and keep moving forward.

Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl is a man who’s ideally placed to answer the question. Having started his own company alongside business partner Anton Skarlatov and grown it from nothing to the size it is today, he knows all about the pitfalls you’ll face along the way.

And he knows a little something about the solutions too.

My Entrepreneur is, in the magazine’s own words, a resource for entrepreneurs looking for advice on “every aspect of business management, from marketing to money, sales, human resources and more.” There are few better places to go online when you’re an entrepreneur or business leader looking for tips, data, and strategies.

Rune’s contribution to the magazine’s “how-to” guide for entrepreneurs is an article based on his experience of growing Fantastic Services from nothing to a £32 million turnover business.

How to lift your business and keep moving forward

Starting your own business and then keeping on and on working towards its success can be a challenge for even the most self-motivated individuals. So what does Rune advise?

  • Get started: feeling the motivation to get the ball rolling? If you’ve got the data and the research backing you, actually starting trading is the most important step to take.
  • Test what you start: your idea might sound really good on paper and the data might even back you, but without constantly testing, iterating and testing your new service or marketing channel you’ll never know if it’s really getting you the return you need.
  • Don’t be put off by failure: coming across situations where you’ve made a mistake or things could have been done better is simply a fact of business life. It’s critical though that you learn from these mistakes and don’t get discouraged from working towards your success.

Of course, that’s just touching the surface of what the entire article has to offer. You can read the full how to lift your business and keep moving forward article for yourself, over at My Entrepreneur Magazine.

The How-To Guide For Entrepreneurs

Always check that the entrepreneur advice you’re taking on board is from a source that has the experience to back up what they’re saying.

Learning the vital lessons you’ll need when choosing whether to start your own business and how to help it grow is easier with resources like My Entrepreneur to count on.

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