​How to Start Your Franchise Business in 6 Steps – Rune in BBB

how to start your franchise business

Business Business Business is a website which publishes articles and other informative pieces written by business leaders with the aim of educating other business owners and would-be entrepreneurs.

To this end, the team at BBB recently sat down with Fantastic Services SEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl to ask him how he and business partner Anton Skarlatov turned a start-up business into a £32 million turnover a year enterprise.

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Entrepreneurs Tips on Authority Positioning

Being viewed as an authority is a great way to gain brand recognition – and to boost your prestige both as an entrepreneur and as a business. So what should you do in order position yourself as an authority in your field? CEO Blog Nation sat down with 20 entrepreneurs and business leaders and asked them…

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​Financial Times Suggests Co-Founder “Pre-Nups”

business tips and tricks co-founder prenups

One of the most important things to get right when starting a business as an entrepreneur is the team you’re going to build. This is all the more critical when you’re starting a business in partnership with someone – even if they’re your close friend, or even your brother or sister, the Financial Times has discovered!

In their recent article, the FT suggests that business co-founders write “pre-nups” in much the same way that couples do before getting married. Fantastic Services CEO and co-founder Rune Sovndahl was asked to join other business leaders in contributing their experience to the piece.

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My Entrepreneur Asks How to Lift Your Business

My Entrepreneur Asks How to Lift Your Business

My Entrepreneur Magazine – the online resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders – wants to know how to lift your business and keep moving forward.

Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl is a man who’s ideally placed to answer the question. Having started his own company alongside business partner Anton Skarlatov and grown it from nothing to the size it is today, he knows all about the pitfalls you’ll face along the way.

And he knows a little something about the solutions too.

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3 Basic Types of Franchise Systems


Shutterstock / By GaudiLab Owning your own business and being your own boss is the dream of millions of people worldwide, but it can be difficult to know where and how to start. Among the countless options available to you, there is one that offers greater stability and support than most. This option involves buying…

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