On Friday 22nd September, Transport For London (TfL) informed Uber that it would not be renewing the company’s license to operate as a private hire firm in London. The reason?

Insufficient corporate responsibility in relation to public safety. But with 40 000 Uber drivers in London relying on the app for their livelihood and around 2.5 million Londoners using the service, was the decision to revoke Uber’s license the right step to take?

Elite Business Magazine – the online business news and advice website – asked a group of London business leaders and entrepreneurs for their take on the situation. Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl was one of those consulted.

Uber is still continuing to operate in London while the decision is under appeal. You can check out Transport for London’s statement on revoking Uber’s license here and learn a little about Uber’s appeal against Transport for London’s decision here.

But what did Elite Business Magazine‘s panel of gathered experts have to say?

Uber’s license revoked by TfL – what do you think?

The entrepreneurs and business experts had some varied opinions regarding Transport for London’s decision. Let’s take a look at what just a few of them had to say, in the briefest possible terms:

  • Edward Relf from Laundrapp – sees this as a very poor decision on TfL’s part. A big Uber fan and service user, he thinks that the onus should be on TfL to innovate and live up to London’s reputation as a home for entrepreneurs by being home to Uber too.
  • Carl Reader from Selling a Franchise – doesn’t see this as a “massive hurdle for Uber” and also doesn’t think TfL had much of a choice – the decision had to be made because of the public safety concerns.
  • Steve Mosser from Sensee – supports the move. He views Uber’s reportedly poor treatment of its drivers and the corporation’s lack of response to TfL concerns about public safety as careless and irresponsible on the part of the company.

And what about Rune Sovndahl‘s opinion?

Head on over and find out! You can check out what he and the other entrepreneurs and business leaders had to say in more detail in the full Take a hike: was TfL right to revoke Uber’s license article at Elite Business Magazine.

Uber London – what happens next?

One thing’s for certain, Uber continues to shake up the private hire sector! We’ll be continuing to keep an eye on the situation, so we’ll keep you updated if news relevant to Londoners or entrepreneurs develops.

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