Own a Master Franchise with Fantastic Services Proven. Profitable. Painless.

Be the Fantastic Services brand in your country as a Master Franchise owner. This is a dynamic opportunity to own a property service business, building a team of sub-franchised technicians, and effectively applying managerial and leadership skills.

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Master Franchise opportunities in the UK and worldwide 01

Investors are granted a 5-year licence agreement to own exclusive rights to provide defined services in a particular country.

Choose from a range of 25+ high-end property maintenance services that you can develop in your country and grow using our technology, expertise and support, including:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Handymen and builders
  • Home and facility removals

What does it take to be a Master Franchise Owner?

Everyone with fair business skills is suited to build, lead, and grow the brand in their country. Industry knowledge is not a must because we provide full initial onboarding and field training. The key component to success is your communication skills and a genuine commitment to quality performance and helping others succeed. The success of the business and the growth depends largely on your ability to lead people.

Why should I consider Fantastic services as my partner? 02

Growing demand for property services

The property services business sector is a £163 billion industry. In the UK alone, there are 1.2 million people who work in the sector and the annual growth for the last 5 years has been 3.56%

  • A proven business model

    We generate a guaranteed client basis for you by utilizing digital marketing channels (SEO, Google ads, Social Media & PR, Email & SMS) and customer retention strategies.

  • Cutting-edge technology

    You will gain access to our sophisticated management and administration systems, including a custom-built CRM system and mobile apps that maximise cost efficiency.

  • Streamlined service provision

    Your customers will have real-time access to local prices and service availability. Our system will automatically assign jobs to the nearest technicians based on their skills, equipment, and customer requirements.

  • Ongoing franchise support

    You will be working closely with the same managerial team that has grown the Fantastic Services brand over the last decade. You can rely on us for business guidance, professional training, and technological solutions.

  • Scalability

    You can start your Master Franchise business venture with a number of essential services for a certain area and gradually grow your portfolio and the territory that you cover.

You as a Master Franchise Owner 03

  • Your role as a Master Franchise Owner

    We are looking forward to work with committed individuals who understand the market and have the resourcefulness to establish lasting business relations with local services providers.

    • Promote the Fantastic Services brand in your country
    • Franchise recruitment of local service providers
    • Performance management
    • Service provision management
    • Customer service
    • Local marketing
  • What support can you expect from Fantastic Services?

    Complete onboarding into the industry - both on theory and onsite field training. We want you to be fully prepared to meet the industry’s demand and we are ready to share our 10-year experience of business execution in terms of:

    • Sales - commercial and domestic
    • Customer support
    • Marketing both offline and online
    • Operations
    • Growth strategies
    • Industry knowledge

FAQ Section

  • What support is provided?

    Business meetings, training, technological support and online marketing.

  • What makes Fantastic Services successful?

    An online business model focused on generating a constant stream of clients and streamlined service provision through technology.

  • I am interested in running a Fantastic Services Master Franchise, how do I start?

    Simply contact us and we'll arrange a video conference meeting with you to discuss your Master Franchise venture.

  • Do you have a Master Franchise brochure?

    Yes, you can download it here.

    • What does Master Franchise mean?

      Master Franchise means that you will be operating under the name of Fantastic Services and you will be managing your own team. You will have people working for you and you will be responsible for their training and performance.

      The Master Franchisee is responsible for delivery of Fantastic Services in a specific locality outside of London or Melbourne/Sydney e.g within a country in which the company Fantastic Services currently operates. The Franchisee would not be a ‘hands-on’ Professional but would have the commercial skills to recruit and manage a team of Local franchisees or employed Professionals, supported by the central business support tools available from Fantastic Services. The focus of responsibility would be on maximising the operational performance of the Franchisees/Professionals that are employed (or contracted), particularly to leverage cross-sell opportunities.

    • I am not in the UK now, can I become a franchise partner of Fantastic Services? And in which territory should I work?

      The Master Franchisees might be committed to developing certain services in certain areas. For more information about territory availability please, contact us.

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